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About Innokas

Get started with innovation!

The Innokas Network guides and encourages students, teachers, school administrators and other stakeholders to be creative and innovative using available technology. We encourage kids and adults to come up together with new ways to make use of technology in everyday school life.

Can you become an inventor too? Could our signature robot, Ruttunen, visit also your school? By participating in events and trainings by Innokas you can learn by doing - finding new ways to take advantage of creativity, innovation and technology in your school.

Innovative School

Our thinking is based on the Innovative School model and on improving the school with technology. We look at the school and its surroundings as a holistic network of learning environments, focusing on kids who are today learning the 21st Century Skills they need to be successful in work and play in 2020.

Key to our approach is that students take an active part in the planning and implementation of the school's activities. Other important parts of school improvement are support for professional teachers, shared leadership and the establishment of collaborative networks.

Network activities

Innokas Network organizes events, professional development programs, and consultation for teachers, as well as provides information about the network in conferences and other events. The coordination of the network is carried out by the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki and by the City of Espoo in collaboration with regional coordinators in Espoo, Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Kontiolahti, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Larsmo, Oulu and Rovaniemi. You can learn more about Innokas Network activities in our blog.

Innokas Network is open for new participants! Join here!