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Challenge for kindergartens and schools

See Leonardo-robot's story

Take the challenge!

Innokas Network challenges all kindergartens and schools to create a video of their robot's story.

You can choose to write about a robot, draw one, build one, or program a robot you already have in your class or group. Then, create a video describing how your robot took came to be. Your video can also be part of your preparations for the RoboCup Junior Finnish Nationals 2015 this Spring - you can create a video about your competition robot! 

What to do?

Publish your video "A Robot's Story" by Tuesday, May 5 on the Innokas Blog. See this site for publishing instructions. Remember to verify that you have parent's permission to publish for each child appearing on the video.

Great prizes!

Three great prizes will be drawn on Friday, May 8 between all kindergartens, schools and groups who have submitted their videos! The first prize contains 5 pcs Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits with a software license. The two other prizes contain 2 pcs Sphero robot balls each.