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Code Week and Robotics Week 2014

Interested in coding and robotics? Join the EU Code Week and Robotics Week!

European Union member states celebrate the EU-wide Code Week ja Robotics Week theme weeks in spring 2014. During the special weeks, EU citizens are encouraged to learn about coding and robotization and how they change society, individual citizens and business. A key goal for the weeks is to engage and motivate children and youth to learn about and to begin on careers in coding and robotics.

Research, development and training activities on learning and teaching coding and robotics are an essential part of the activities of Innokas Network. By creating programs as well as physical robots controlled by programs, students learn thinking skills, creative problem solving and teamwork as well as get engaged in a creative design process and in working across traditional subject matter boundaries. Through their experience on coding and robotics, students learn to understand the nature of the ubiquitous technology surrounding us and learn to make use of it to create new things.

To expose more teachers to ways to use coding and robotics to teach 21st Century Skills, Innokas Network arranges a series of Are you interested in coding and robotics? events targeted to teachers and teachers students in 8 Finnish cities.

In addition, Innokas Network challenges kindergartens and schools to take part in Code Wekk and Robotics Week activities, with great prizes drawn between participants!

Join us and get excited about coding and robotics!