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Interested in coding and robotics?

Event roadshow for teachers and teacher students

Innokas Network organizes the Interested in Coding and Robotics? event roadshow during the EU Code Week and Robotics Week in Fall 2014.

Join us on the events to try new, engaging and fun ways to learn about coding and robotics!  You will learn about coding and robotics in workshops run by practicing teachers as well as by students from Innokas Network schools. In addition, you will get practical help in using coding and robotics in teaching 21st Century Skills.

Event schedule

Date Time City Venue Enrolment
13.10. Mon 8:30-15:00 Espoo Vanttilan koulu by 3.10. 
14.10. Tue 8:30-14:00 Helsinki Helsingin yliopisto/OKL by 3.10.
15.10. Wed 9:00-15:30  Oulu Rajakylän koulu by 3.10.
24.11. Mon 8:30-15:00  Kokkola Kaupungintalo by 7.11.
25.11. Tue 8:30-15:00 Tampere Vuoreksen koulu by 7.11.
26.11. Wed 8:30-15:00 Joensuu Joensuun lyseon lukio by 7.11.
27.11. Thu 8:30-15:00 Rovaniemi Ounasrinteen koulu by 7.11.
28.11. Fri 8:30-15:00 Jyväskylä Jyväskylän yliopisto/OKL by 7.11.


Each event can seat 80 persons on a first-come, first-serve basis. Enroll here. Please remember to enroll on the Espoo, Helsinki and Oulu events by 3.10. and on the other events by 7.11.