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What is "mikätin" and "pörriäinen", and Ruttunen the robot?

You will hear more by participating in Innokas Network events and training sessions! When you participate, you will get a practical introduction to creative ways to use of technology in supporting learning, teaching and daily school activities.

Innokas Network trainings are based on the Innovative School model, developed in collaboration between Finnish schools and the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki. A key principle in the model is the role of both teachers and students as innovators who use technology in versatile ways to both learn and teach 21st Century Skills.

Our training events include a variety of training days, workshops and consultations, customized to the needs of a school, city of regional education administration. The events are led by Innokas Coaches, who include teachers and specialists from various parts of Finland as well as by Innokas Network partners.