04.03.2020 – 13.04.2020

The tournament concept has changed to include regional tournaments!

The Innokas 2020! national programming and robotics tournament will be organized in Dipoli, Espoo 11th to 13th of May (11.-13.5.2020). This spring the national tournament will be preceded by regional tournaments that will be organized at Innokas regional coordination cities. The regional tournaments will serve as qualifications for participation in the national tournament.

Tournament games

Students compete in five Innokas-games: Xsumo, Rescue, Dance/Theater, Freestyle and GameDev. The Xsumo, Rescue, Dance/Theater, Freestyle games will be held on site at the regional tournament events. The GameDev regional tournaments will be held online. All games will be held on site at the national tournament in May. Please note that each team can only participate in one game!

The competition games are the same in both the regional and national tournaments however in some games the evaluation criteria vary between the regional and national event. For more information on the games and evaluation criteria see below.

Regional tournament locations, dates and participant amounts

Regional tournaments are one-day events. Each regional event will be organized in accordance with local resources. The maximum amounts of participants per location are listed below.

  • Helsinki 4.3. (March 4th), The University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Siltavuorenpenger 5 A, max. 150 participants
  • Imatra 5.3. (March 5th), Joutseno school, Tietäjänkatu 5, max. 100 participants
  • Jyväskylä 12.3. (March 12th), Halssila school, Lokintie 9, max. 100 participants. Please note! The event has been cancelled. Further information: janne.fagerlund(at)jyu.fi
  • Kokkola 13.3. (March 13th), Hollihaan koulu, Pikiruukintie 4 (visiting address Mariankatu 1), max. 100 participants (in cooperation with the START 2020 festival)
  • Kuopio 19.3. (March 19th), Hotel Puijonsarvi, Minna Canthin katu 16, max. 100 participants (at the same time as the northern Savo tutor-teacher event)
  • Seinäjoki 26.3. (March 26th), Kirmaus-halli, Kirkkokuja 20, Ylistaro, max. 100 participants
  • Tampere 31.3 (March 31st), Tampereen seudun ammattiopisto Tredu, Hepolamminkatu 10, max .150 participants
  • Kontiolahti 31.3. (March 31st), Kylmäoja school, Pohjatuulentie 6, max. 150 participants
  • Oulu 2.4. (April 2nd), Tietomaa, Nahkatehtaankatu 6, max. 300 participants
  • Lohja 2.4. (April 2nd), Tennari, Rantapuisto 45, max. 150 participants

Registering for the tournaments

Regional tournaments

The registration for the regional tournaments is closed. The coordinator of the regional tournament will send the program, schedule and arrival instructions to the participants at the latest two weeks before each event.

The national tournament

The regional tournaments serve as qualifications for participation in the national tournament. The number of teams per game in the national tournament will be determined by the number of registrations for the regional tournaments with the specification that one team from each region will be admitted to each game. The maximum amount of participants for the national tournament is 400. The lists of qualified teams per game for the national tournament will be published on this page after the deadline for the registrations (after 12th of February).

The number of teams per game in the national tournament:

  • XSumo
    • 70 teams
  • Rescue
    • Rescue I: 13 teams
    • Rescue II: 10 teams
    • Rescue III: 7 teams
  • Dance/theatre
    • Beginners league: 14 teams
    • Advanced league: 8 teams
  • Freestyle
    • Freestyle Robotics: 10 teams
    • Freestyle Maker: 10 teams
    • Freestyle Extreme: 10 teams
  • GameDev
    • Scratch-division: 15 teams
    • Open-division: 15 teams

Travel expenses (that is joint bus transportations) for the national tournament will be sponsored and transportation will be organized by the Innokas Network together with partners. Accommodation will be in local schools. The Innokas Network will organize the the meals for the national tournament at the participants own cost.

Learning on the boundaries of materialism and digitalism –seminar Wednesday May 13th at the national Innokas programming and robotics tournament

The clearing of the boundary between the material and the digital is one of the main digital turning points. The objects of our everyday life have transformed into smart devices that observe our environment, our bodies and our behavior. How should education respond to this change? What is the role of the school in understanding the opportunities and risks of this change?

These questions will be discussed in our research seminar organized at the Innokas2020 programming and robotics tournament. The seminar will be organized in collaboration with the Aalto University, University of Helsinki, the Growing Mind –project and the national DigiErko-network. The OMG –seminar’s keynote will be given by Matti Tedre from the University of Eastern Finland. In addition there will be several interesting talks and exploring learning by doing through digital and traditional technology.

You are welcomed to hear research-based, practically tested information on teaching and learning that combines the material and digital. Register for the seminar here.

Competition rules

Innokas XSumo

Watch the XSumo instruction video and read competition rules here and competition rules with pictures here. For inquiries on the rules, contact XSumo chief judge Erkki Hautala (erkki.hautala67(at)gmail.com)

Innokas Rescue

The Innokas Rescue competition is divided into three leagues. The Rescue track is built using modular pieces that can be used to build different tracks from easy ones to more challenging ones. Watch both the Rescue instruction video and the programming hints video. Read about the guidelines, the competition rules and grading sheet here. For inquiries on the rules, contact Rescue chief judge Jens Lindholm (firstname.lastname@edu.larmso.fi)

Innokas Dance/Theater

Watch the Dance/Theater instruction video and read competition rules here. Also get to know the judging principles here. For inquiries on the rules, contact Dance/Theater chief judge Minna Kukkonen (firstname.a.lastname@espoo.fi)

Innokas Freestyle

The theme for Freestyle in 2020 is “The future learner’s helper”. Participant compete in three leagues: Robotics, Maker and Extreme. Watch the Freestyle instruction video and read the competition rules here. For inquiries on the rules, contact Freestyle chief judge Kati Sormunen (firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi)

Innokas GameDev

In the Innokas GameDev –competition students work on a digital game on the topic of their choice that can be played on a computer. The competition is divided into two divions: (1) Scratch and (2) Open (Gdevelop, Unity or other game development platforms). The GameDev competition rules and information can be found here. For inquiries on the rules, contact GameDev chief judge Janne Fagerlund (firstname.lastname@jyu.fi).