25.01.2023 – 26.04.2023
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The training gives ideas for tech activities and playful programming

Come and develop your creative technology expertise in your early childhood education working community and child group! Get inspired by the new trends of creative technology, and learn about the playful teaching of programming and programming-based thinking in early childhood education! By participating in the training, you will receive practical tips to be implemented directly in daycare and to support the division of activities. The training is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education and free of charge. Each municipality, school or kindergarten is responsible for any participant replacement costs. The common parts of the training are implemented in Finnish, and the locally held day in Espoo will also be in Swedish.

Target group

Early childhood education staff

Content and structure

The training consists of three parts: 1) the remote launch meeting; 2) a locally held day in seven locations; and 3) the remote concluding meeting. If you wish, you can participate only in the first part or in the entire training package.

Part 1: Launch meeting (remote)

Time: Wednesday 25 January from 12 pm to 4 pm  

The first part of the training examines the latest development and research information on creative technology skills and the importance of teaching programming in a digital society and in children’s daily life. The discussion will be linked to the content and materials of the early childhood education plan and the New Literacies program. The first part examines technology as part of the built environment and society and opens up pedagogical arguments and opportunities for the creative use of technology. This part also discusses the importance of innovation in learning, teaching and the development of the entire work community.

The launch meeting will be held remotely as a joint implementation of Creative Technology Competence in Early Childhood Education and Basic Education, Interested in programming and robotics 2.0 training for participants. The program includes inclusive sections and functional tasks.

Part 2: Locally held day

Locations and times (all locations from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm):

      • Wednesday, February 8, Helsinki
      • Wednesday, February 15, Lappeenranta
      • Wednesday, February 15, Tampere
      • Thursday, February 16. Oulu
      • Thursday, February 16, Espoo (education in Finnish and Swedish)
      • Tuesday, February 21, Rovaniemi
      • Wednesday, March 1, Turku

During the local day, participants’ technological skills will be developed through play, activities, research and experimentation. The use of technology is practiced creatively and by learning together. A wide range of materials and tools is available to support the activities. In the workshop, experiments are carried out in inspiring and motivating ways using different technologies such as technology building, elementary robotics and elementary programming.

Different digital platforms used by the participant’s own municipality will also be on display during the local day. They will be used to share experiments and development work. During the day, the participants will prepare a teaching experiment plan, which will be carried out with their own child group before the last part of the training.

Part 3: Concluding meeting – sharing experiences and projects, and discussing them (remote by region)

Time: By region, Wednesday, April 26, 2023 from 12 pm to 4 pm

During the third part, which will be implemented remotely, the participants will present digital platforms using experiments carried out in early childhood education and preschool education groups and provide feedback about each other’s work. In the final part, participants are guided to share the knowledge gained in training in their own working units and to continue working in networks with teachers who participated in the training.


Register for the training by Friday, January 13, 2023 here.

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