01.12.2020 – 31.05.2021

Game it now – gamification and game designing – training for classroom and subject teachers

The gamification and game design training offers teachers new ways to teach transversal competences according to the curriculum guidelines and support the implementation of new kinds of multidisciplinary learning modules, the student’s active role and study motivation.

The participants will familiarize with gamification and game design in a versatile way and learn how to utilize them in a multidisciplinary, cross curricular way. The topic will be discussed with and without digital devices – by experimenting and making games. At the same time the training provides an example of a gamified training program and offers many ideas in how to make use of gamification and game design in the participants’ own teaching. 


The program consists of independent study, distance learning, face-to-face meetings and a learning module project realized in the participants workplace. The training program is in Finnish.

  • Distance learning period: Games, curriculum and future skills
    • Opening webinar 1.12.2020 from 2.30 to 3.30 pm.
    • Independent study tasks
  • Face-to-face period: Familiarize, experiment and design!
    • Helsinki, 8.-9.2.2021, University of Helsinki (Siltavuorenpenger 5, Minerva 406 ja Athena 168)
    • Oulu, 8.-9.2.2021, Rajakylä FabLearn Lab (Rajakylän koulu, Ruiskukkatie 4-6)
    • Kuopio, 11.-12.2.2021, Kuopion kansalaisopisto (Puistokatu 20, Opistosali B059)
    • Turku, 11.-12.2.2021, TOP-keskus (Trivium, Lemminkäisenkatu 32)
    • Lappeenranta, 15.-16.2.2021, Saimaan mediakeskus (Pohjolankatu 23)
    • Tampere, 16.-17.2.2021, FabLab Vuores, Vuoreksen koulu (Rautiolanrinne 2)
    • Jyväskylä, 17.-18.2.2021
    • Kontiolahti, 17.-18.2.2021
    • Lohja, 18.-19.2.2021, Anttilan koulu (Kirkkokatu 6)
  • A gamified multidisciplinary learning module
    • Implementing a self-designed gamified learning module in your own teaching and in your own timeline
  • Presenting and sharing learning modules, feedback
    • Possibility to present learning modules at the Innokas Programming and Robotics tournament in Espoo 11.5-12.5.2021
    • Joint closing webinar 17.5.2021 

Target group

Classroom and subject teachers working in basic education


The registration for the training is closed.