01.01.2023 – 31.12.2023

A new publication Invention Pedagogy – The Finnish Approach to Maker Education

Invention Pedagogy is a Finnish approach to maker education and STEAM pedagogy. In invention pedagogy making inventions is combined interdisciplinary with other subjects,  in addition to STEAM subjects, such as mother tongue (e.g. storytelling) or physical education (e.g. dancing with robots). In Finland, the strong tradition of the craft subject and making things by hand differs from many other countries, offering the creators of inventions the opportunity to utilize versatile materials as well as creative ideation and experimentation through planning and design.

The chapters of the Invention Pedagogy – The Finnish Approach to Maker Education book introduce the reader to the roots of invention pedagogy and examine the theoretical background of invention projects and their implementation from the perspectives of planning, orchestration and evaluation. In the last chapters of the book,  innovations and  invention pedagogy are examined as part of the overall development of schools.

Get to know the free book here. The book was written in collaboration by researchers and teachers of the Innokas Network and the Growing Mind -project.