13.05.2019 – 15.05.2019

Innokas2019 Programming- and Robotics Tournament in Lappeenranta

The Innokas Network in cooperation with partners will organize the Innokas2019 Programming and Robotics tournament May 13th to 15th in Lappeenranta.

Students compete in four Innokas-games: Xsumo, Rescue, Dance/Theater and Freestyle as well as show in the Vex-challenge and FLL. This year the tournament is showcasing a new game development competition with two divisions: Scratch and Junior track.


Monday May 13th
Travel day, orientation to the venue and testing the robots

Tuesday May 14th
08.30–9.00 Opening ceremony
09.00–16.30 Competitions

Wednesday May 15th
09.00–15.00 Competitions
15.00–16.00 Closing ceremony and awards

You can find the detailed program here.

Competition rules

Innokas Freestyle

The theme for Freestyle in 2019 is “Sustainable development”. Participant compete in three leagues: Robotics, Maker and Extreme. Watch the Freestyle instruction video and read the competition rules here. For inquiries on the rules, contact Freestyle chief judge Kati Sormunen (firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi)

Innokas XSumo

Watch the XSumo instruction video and read competition rules here. For inquiries on the rules, contact XSumo chief judge Erkki Hautala (erkki.hautala67(at)gmail.com)

Innokas Dance/Theater

Watch the Dance/Theater instruction video and read competition rules here. Also get to know the judging principles here. For inquiries on the rules, contact Dance/Theater chief judge Minna Kukkonen (firstname.a.lastname@espoo.fi)

Innokas Rescue

The Innokas Rescue competition is divided into three leagues. The Rescue track is built using modular pieces that can be used to build different tracks from easy ones to more challenging ones.  Watch both the Rescue instruction video and the programming hints video. Read about the guidelines, the competition rules and grading sheet here. For inquiries on the rules, contact Rescue chief judge Jens Lindholm (firstname.lastname@edu.larmso.fi)

Vex IQ Ringmaster & FLL

For enquiries on the Vex competition, contact Vex chief judge Timo Tiusanen (first.last@stepsystems.fi) and for the FLL competition contact Pekka Pihola (firstname.lastname@valmet.com). Both competitions are showcase competitions in the tournament.

Game development competition

As a new entry to the tournament we are showcasing a new Game development competition. The competition has been piloted and developed in the Game it Now! -project. Students from basic education can participate in two divisions: Scratch-division (especially for primary students) and Junior Track where there are several game developing tools.


Registration to the tournament here. The registration form will close on Monday 1st of April (1.4.2019). The event can host 500 participants in the order of registration. One team can register to a maximum of two competitions. Please make sure that a reasonable amount of teams register from each school/club so that we will get teams from as many different schools as possible.

Travel, accommodation and meals

The Innokas Network supported by partners will cover the traveling costs for participating teams (joint buses). Regional Innokas Coordinators will collaborate with us in ordering the bus transportation. The bus schedules and routes will be announced latest two weeks before the event to the participants who have registered for joint travel.

Free accommodation will be provided in Lappeenranta schools and the Huhtiniemi camping cabins. The accommodation place for each team will be announced approximately two weeks before the event. The Innokas Network will organize and coordinate the accommodation.

Meal costs will be at the expense of each participating organisation. The number of meals and billing address will be inquired when registering. Please note that registering for meals is binding. Meal providers need information on the number of meals in good time in order to prepare.

Please read more about travel, accommodation and other practical issues such as additional activities here.

Welcome to the tournament!