16.03.2020 – 29.04.2020

The Innokas2020 Programming and Robotics tournament is cancelled due to the Corona-virus situation – participate in the challenge this spring!

The cancellation concerns both the regional and national tournaments and all games/leagues. Also the Innokas research regarding the tournament is cancelled and there is no need to fill in the forms and questionnaires. The next national tournament and preceding regional tournaments will be arranged in the spring of 2021. The tournament schedules will be specified in August 2020.

The students that have worked so hard on their projects this year are offered the possibility to showcase their robots and programming by participating in an online challenge:

Innokas2020 Programming and robotics challenge

The Innokas Network challenges all teams that have registered for the Innokas2020 Programming and Robotics challenge to showcase their competition robots and programming in the Innokas Network’s blog.
In accordance with the Innokas programming and robotics tournament the challenge includes five divisions:

  • XSumo
  • Rescue
  • Freestyle
  • Dance/theatre
  • GameDev

Each entry will be presented in the blog through writing and images. The blog text should include the functions of the robot/game, what it looks like and can include a video. Especially in the Dance/theatre and Freestyle divisions videos are an important part of presenting the work. It is especially important that the name of the team, team members, school/club and contact person (adult) are included at the end of the blog text.

The deadline for blog texts is the 29th of April 2020. The blogs are sent via email to info@innokas.fi.

There will be drawing of lots among all blog-entries for 10 Lego Education Spike-sets and 10 Jetson Developer Kits. The draw will be done by May 22nd.

We hope that there will be enthusiastic programming and robotics activities despite the disappointment this spring!