01.01.2020 – 01.06.2020

New regional programming and robotics tournaments

The Innokas 2020 national programming and robotics tournament is organized in the city of Espoo in May 2020. A new development in the coming spring are regional qualification tournaments which will be organized through February and March in the Innokas coordination regions. Competitors for the final national tournament will be selected based on the performance in these regional competitions.

In the tournament participants compete in games developed by the Innokas Network aimed at supporting the learning of 21st Century Competencies. The games include Innokas Rescue, Freestyle, Dance/theatre and XSumo. This year brings a new addition to the list: a game development and programming competition that was already piloted in the Innokas 2019 tournament in Lappeenranta.

More information about the regional and national tournaments as well as rules and regulations will be updated on these pages by the end of November.