01.09.2022 – 31.07.2023
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An innovative school is built together through development!

The Innovative School project, launched in the fall of 2021, is working! The project will deepen the school’s comprehensive development in line with the Innovative School model and continue to develop the model with nine municipalities (Espoo, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Lohja, Luoto, Rovaniemi, Tampere and Oulu) and the ENorssi network. The project utilizes the operating methods and models developed in the Innovative School project (2019–2021). The project is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education and coordinated by Saimaan mediakeskus with the Innokas team at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Educational Sciences.sa.

The project’s main objective is to support the school’s own development work in accordance with its needs and to instill a continuous development approach in the school’s operating culture. In the initial situation, the needs of the school are identified by means of a needs survey, which gives direction to the school’s own development project. During the project, school development teams will be supported through guidance, peer dialogue, joint meetings and various project tools. It’s essential to make the development work genuinely inclusive: The key actors and innovators are students, teachers, school management, parents and collaborative networks such as universities according to the Innovative School model. Project activities also strengthen the working methods for developing digital competence in schools as part of the school’s daily activities.

Establishing a culture of continuous development at school is a time-consuming process that requires support. During the process, schools are supported via various services, and these service packages are developed with project participants. In the development phase, the themes of the service packages are as follows: 1) the school’s continuous competence development and assessment practices; 2) models and practices of collaborative and team teaching; 3) innovative learning facilities and events; 4) digital technology as a subject and learning tool; and 5) digital technology as a cooperation, interaction and leadership tool.

Follow the project’s activities on the Innokas blog and the social channels of the Innokas network #innovatiivinenkoulu.

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