01.09.2022 – 31.12.2022
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Start using Innovative ways of working in a peer-learning network

Innovative ways of working can form the basis for professional development. Multidimensional and versatile technology use makes possible the enrichment of teaching and participation. The Innovative ways of working –training offers tools to both the development of one’s own digipedagogical competence as well as an opportunity to learn to use existing tools in a versatile and innovative way. During small group work, the participant can choose to focus either on the students’ digiskill path, bringing digipedagogical tools to school everyday practices or on the innovative and creative use of technology. The participants delve into their chosen development theme with the aid of the methods provided in the training aiming at sustainable and impactful development work that is rooted in the everyday practices of school.

The training is free of charge and the entire training will be held online. The language of the training is Finnish.

Target group

Classroom and subject teachers in basic education

Content and structure

The training consists of three parts: 1) The digital society as a context for schools in 2020’s, 2) The tools and methods for participatory teaching and learning, 3) Innovative digital ways of working to use in a peer-learning network. The parts include online meetings, independent study and projects implemented in the participants own workplace. The overall duration of the training is five days.

  • Part 1: The digital society as a context for schools in 2020’s (1 day)
    • The first part of the training guides teachers to understand the development of digitalization and the ways of working in digital teaching and learning as a basis for professional development. The training day is organized jointly to all participants and the program includes participatory portions and hands-on exercises. Throughout the day the remote use digital learning environments, programs and applications will be modeled.  
    • Starting webinar (4h): Tuesday 20th of September from 1.00 to 4.30 pm
    • MOOC: September to October
  • Part 2: The tools and methods for participatory teaching and learning (incl. basic skills, remote activities and innovative technologies/robotics and programming) (2 days)
    • In the second part of the training, the participants will familiarize with digipedagogical ways to implement face-to-face, remote and multimodal teaching. The focus will be the diverse and versatile use of technologies.
    • Durations: alltogether 2 training days, of which the first together (Tuesday 1st of November from 9 am to 4 pm) and the second in small groups (November)
  • Part 3: Innovative digital ways of working to use in a peer-learning network (2 days)
    • In the third part, teachers will plan together with a participant from another municipality an innovative project that uses digital technology and implement it together with students. A small group mentor is appointed and gives support when needed. In the focus is student participation and networking across municipalities in innovative project that utilize digital technology. The projects will be presented in the closing webinar via digital platforms.
    • Collaborative projects in November and December 2022
    • Closing webinar: Wednesday 7th of December from 2.oo to 4.00 pm


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