04.10.2019 – 04.10.2019

The Innokas Network will participate in the Oivallus -seminar (in English the Idea -seminar) organized by the Metka Centre for Media Education. Innokas will hold a talk on Persistance, vigor and courage from learning innovations! and workshop entitled “Odd machines, fun inventions”. Come along! More details will be published on these pages in September.

Persistance, vigor and courage from learning innovations!

How do technological invention projects support children and youth in learning 21st Century Competencies? During the talk you will hear examples from invention projects from the Innokas Network and the Growing Mind -project as well as related research results and how teachers are trained in these areas.

“Odd machines, fun inventions”

Come and discover your inner inventor! In the workshop you can familiarize with the Innovation process and try co-invention. A Finnish childrens book about odd inventions will serve as inspiration for the workshop. The participants will draw from their own experiences and create a collaborative prototype of an invention. The purpose of the workshop is to provide participants with meaningful and usable ways of working with innovations. Come along and find out what inspires you!