01.01.2022 – 31.12.2022
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Innovatiiviset opettajat -koulutus luokan- ja aineenopettajille

The well received Innovative teachers –in-service training starts again in September. Innovativeness in teaching can manifest on various levels – the Innovative teachers –training provides tools for the innovation education of students, the competence development of teachers as well as the development of the whole work community. The training provides practical tips for using the innovation process with students and methods for using technology as a tool and object of learning. Participants will delve into a development project of their choice with the aid of the tools from the training and aim at impactful and sustainable development work that is tied to the everyday practices of school.

The training is free of charge and it will be implemented for the most part in distance form. There will be a possibility to part take in the first meeting face-to-face at the University of Helsinki.

Target group

Classroom and subject teachers in basic education

Content and structure

The training consists of three parts: 1)development path, 2)development methods and 3)a development project. The parts include distance meetings, independent study and projects realized in the participants own workplace. The overall duration of the training is five days.

  • Development path (2 days): The teacher selects a theme related to their own professional development and the selection is guided with a needs survey tool. The teacher devises a personal development plan with guidance from trainers. Project implementation is supported by collaborative sparring.
    • Starting webinar Thursday September 1st 9am to 11am
    • MOOC: support for building your own development path
    • Small group sparring sessions (1h) in October and November
  • Development methods (1 day): The participants are offered methods for supporting professional development on the personal and work community level, digital tools and ways for co-development. The methods are based on research and development knowledge.
    • Online meeting on Monday 31st of October from 9am to 12pm
    • MOOC: development methods and tools for co-development
  • Development project (2 days): The participants’ development projects can be related to their own teaching, team or work community. The project will be supported by feedback from the trainers as well as peer feedback from the participants and colleagues from their work community.
    • Implementing projects and guidace (2h): November
    • MOOC: project tools
    • Closing webinar and project presentations Tuesday 29th of November from 12.30 to 16.30 pm


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