01.01.2022 – 31.12.2022

Innovative teachers – training for classroom and subject teachers

The Innovative teachers -in-service training guides teachers in both personal professional development and work community development. Participants choose and delve into a development project with the aid of tools provided by the training. The aim is to induce impactful and sustainable development work in everyday school practice. The training is free of charge and will be organized in distance-form in its entirety.


The training consists of three parts: 1) development path, 2) methods of development and 3) development project. The parts include distance meetings, independent work and workplace projects. 

  • Development path
    • The teacher chooses a theme related to their own professional development. The decision process is guided by a needs survey. The teacher devises a personal development plan that is supported by joint sparring sessions within the training.
  • Methods of development
    • The methods of development part consists of providing participants with methods based on research and development knowledge for their professional development.The participants will be provided with various tools such as digital tools and co-development practices aiming at both personal and community level development.
  • Development project
    • The development projects of participants can have to do with either their own teaching, team or work community development. Devising the plans is supported by feedback from trainers, fellow participants and colleagues.

Target group

Classroom and subject teachers working in basic education


The training begins in January 2022 and ends in December 2022


Register for the training is closed.