01.10.2019 – 01.10.2019

The webinar series of the national DigiErko-network continues on October 1st. The topic this time will be “The virtual classroom”. 

The webinar will look at pedagogical and practical aspects as well as research results from a virtual classroom experiment in highschool. The presentation is connected to a project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture “Opettajana virtuaaliluokassa” (teaching in a virtual classroom) (https://blogs.helsinki.fi/digiluokkatutkimus/), where researchers from the University of Helsinki worked together with Tutorhouse and their igiluokka(Digiclass)-service.

In the Digiclass-service students are taught, as they would be in other classes, by their teacher with the exception that they are connected to each other through video. Virtual classrooms offer new possibilities but at the same time require the development of pedagogical practices by the teachers and flexibility from the students in adapting to new types of learning processes.

University researcher, Docent Liisa Ilomäki and project researcher, Docent Minna Lakkala will be the experts in the webinar. 

You can follow the webinar (in Finnish) on Tuesday 1st of October at 4pm here: https://uef.zoom.us/j/267029570.