01.01.2018 – 31.12.2018

Join the Finnish ThingLink pilot!

Innokas Network starts collaboration with ThingLink in January 2018. All Innokas Network participants (teachers, school assistants, headmasters, club leaders etc.) participating in the pilot can use the ThingLink app with their group for free in for the year 2018. The goal of the collaboration is to develop and research the use of ThingLink (and Augmented Reality, or AR apps in general) for learning 21st century skills.

What is ThingLink?

ThingLink is a Finnish service that lets you make pictures and videos interactive by embedding content such as text, other pictures, links, videos or audio into them. To start, a teacher can create a ThingLink account for him/herself and create a group. Students in the group do not need email addresses. The ThingLink content can be created by the teacher, but for added pedagogical value we recommend to also engage students in creating content.

A traditional wall posted comes to life when you add to it your own text or speech content, or link ready made content to it. In addition to normal pictures, you can embed content into 360 degree panoramic pictures. By combining a number of these you can create for example a virtual tour of your school, a local museum or a nearby city. Learn more about the possibilities enabled by ThingLink here.

Participating in the ThingLink pilot

Participating in the pilot requires that the participating group agrees to report on their ThingLink use through the Innokas Network blog and takes part in educational research related to the pilot. The required research activity during the pilot includes filling an questionnaire aimed at students and teachers. Groups enrolled in the pilot will receive detailed instructions on getting started with the ThingLink app, creating blog posts, and participating in the research in February 2018.

Pilot enrollment

Enrollment ended on Tuesday 30.1.2018