Material Class: Upper secondary school

Lego EV3 Basics

This material gets you started with the Lego EV3 hardware and programming. We’ll start with the parts of a robot and continue through launching the program and creating simple commands. The exercises in the material get harder gradually, with a few open tasks presented at the end.

The material follows the exercise structure in the Innokas Network “Are you interested in coding and robotics?” training.

Lego EV3 Basics (in Finnish).

Examples of Innovation Education Projects in Schools

Innokas Network develops new ways to implement Innovation Education principles for the learning of 21st century skills. Below you will find three examples of actual Innovation Education projects implemented in Finnish schools. The three schools took part in the Fall 2017 Innokas challenge titled “Robots Build in the Future” and implemented these Innovation Education projects in their school as part of their challenge submission. You can read more about the Fall 2017 Innokas challenge here.

Project descriptions and videos

Huovila School: AT-helper. Watch the video and read the project description here.

Kalevala School: Rapi the Robot. Watch the video and read the project description here.

Sammonlahti School: Future Chowhere.

Multidisciplinary Learning Modules

Innokas Network, in collaboration with the Co4Lab project funded by the Academy of Finland develops ways to implement the Innovation Education approach as part of multidisciplinary learning modules.

In this four part video series Professor Kai Hakkarainen from the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki introduces knowledge creation processes and learning support with technology in the context of multidisciplinary learning modules. In addition, he discusses the assessment aspect of multidisciplinary learning modules.

Part 1, Knowledge Creation in Multidisciplinary Learning Modules

Part 2, Supporting Learning with Digital Technology

Part 3, The Role of Assessment in Multidisciplinary Learning Modules

Part 4, Assessment Practices for Supporting Learning and Motivation

Asimov – My First Robots

The “My First Robots” book guides you into the world of Lego EV3 robots and graphical programming through hands-on activity.

The exercises in the book start with the basics of building and programming EV3 robots and proceed towards more advanced challenges. You can use the material for your EV3 robot self-study or make it a part of your robotics learning module.

Asimov – My First Robots (in Finnish)