The Innokas network has collaborated with Chinese schools for several years. The collaboration has been part of the Global Innokas Project, funded by OPH. The teachers participating in the collaboration, Raini Sipilä (SYK, Helsinki) and Jaana Hekkanen, Minna Kangas, and Petri Korpi (Metsokangas School, Oulu), have worked on the material related to the collaboration with China. You can use the material to learn about Chinese schools, collaborative opportunities with Chinese schools, and the experiences of teachers on collaboration.

1. Basic information package: You can get an overview of Chinese schools and cooperative experiences with schools with the basic information package.

2. 2016 collaborative projects: Videos of the collaborative projects from spring 2016 compiles together the projects planned and implemented by Finnish and Chinese teachers in collaboration. In the beginning of spring 2016, Finnish teachers began working with a team of two instructors, with whom they designed a joint project. Both teachers implemented the project with their own students during the spring 2016. In June 2016, the Finnish teachers traveled to China for a conference, where they met the pair of Chinese team members. The Finland-China pairs of teachers took part of the project to Chinese students as part of the conference program.

3. 2016 GEC Conference: This video from the Global Educational Community (GEC) conference in Summer 2016 walks you through the event co-organized by Finnish and Chinese organizers. Projects designed and implemented by pairs of Finnish and Chinese teachers formed a key part of the conference program.

4. The Chinese School in Childrens Eyes: In this video Chinese students describe their school day and their favorite subjects.

5. Visiting Chinese Schools: These videos bring you to a visit to Chinese schools – and see the school buildings and learning environments in the new and old campus of the Zhongguancun NO.3 Primary School in Beijing.

6. Teachers’ Experiences on Collaboration: In this video, Jaana Hekkanen and Minna Kangas describe their experiences on Innokas Network China Collaboration.