What’s GameDev?

In the Innokas GameDev event, students work on a freely themed digital game that can be played on a computer. The event has two divisions of competition: (1) Scratch and (2) Open (Gdevelop, Unity, or other game development platforms).

The GameDev contestants design their own game, code it, and produce the graphics and sounds for the game. Additionally, the making of the game is documented in a diary. The games will be exhibited in a fair-type setting, and the audience can play them at both the regional and national tournaments. In addition to the technical implementation of the game, the competition will highlight creative and original ideas and the game’s aesthetic choices.

Event instructions and support materials

See the event instructions (in Finnish) here.
Prepare for GameDev and use the support materials.

Lisätiedot: Additional information: Chief Judge Janne Fagerlund (first.last@jyu.fi) and Jukka Lehtoranta (first.last@gmail.com)

GameDev Scratch

In this division, games will be developed with the Scratch programming environment (www.scratch.mit.edu). This division is primarily intended for students who do not yet have experience with text-based programming.

Try previous GameDev games here: https://thegdwc.com/innokas/games/ 

GameDev Open

In this division, games can be developed with Gdevelop, Unity, or other (preferably free) game development platforms. The use of anything other than Gdevelop or Unity must be approved by the head judges in advance.

Try previous GameDev games here: https://thegdwc.com/innokas/games/