What’s XSumo?

XSumo is a duel between robots, which is made up of two parts: following the line on a ramp and the actual sumo match. At first, the robots move along the ramp to the battle arena, and the fastest robot gets point for this. In the sumo arena, the robots try to stay on the match platform, and try to push the opponent out of the arena. The last robot left in the arena wins the match.

Event instructions and support materials

See the event instructions (in Finnish) here.  
You can also explore the rules in illustrated format here.

Additional information: Chief Judge Timo Pietiläinen (first.last@edu.lohja.fi)

XSumo in a nutshell

  • Size of the robot: maximum 20 cm x 20 cm
  • Weight of the robot: maximum 1000 g
  • Engines: maximum 2 pieces
  • Sensors: maximum 2 pieces
  • Competition platform: entry ramp and sumo arena
  • Size of the arena: The sumo arena’s diameter is approximately 120 cm