Material Type: Everyday technology

Everyday Automation and Robotics

Using this material you will get to know machines that make use of automation and robotics. You will also learn to create programs by observing the built environment, use common programming concepts and innovate a device that makes use of programming and robotics.

This material consists of a teacher guide and a classroom presentation.

Classroom Presentation
Teacher Guide

Examples of Innovation Education Projects in Schools

Innokas Network develops new ways to implement Innovation Education principles for the learning of 21st century skills. Below you will find three examples of actual Innovation Education projects implemented in Finnish schools. The three schools took part in the Fall 2017 Innokas challenge titled “Robots Build in the Future” and implemented these Innovation Education projects in their school as part of their challenge submission. You can read more about the Fall 2017 Innokas challenge here.

Project descriptions and videos

Huovila School: AT-helper. Watch the video and read the project description here.

Kalevala School: Rapi the Robot. Watch the video and read the project description here.

Sammonlahti School: Future Chowhere.

Mechanical Toys

Children have always been fascinated about mechanical toys. How do they work? What’s inside them? Could we build our own toy? This material gets you familiar with different toys and includes instructions for building three animal toys with moving parts.

Mechanical Toys (in Swedish)

Fun on wheels!

Wheeled vehicles never cease to fascinate children. This material presents a group activity around wheels where children also present their own wheeled vehicle builds.

Fun on wheels! (in Swedish)