What is EV3? How about Micro:bit?

Join Innokas Network training and events to learn more.

In Innokas Network trainings and other events participants get to know creative ways to use technology in supporting learning, teachership, leadership and other school activity. We arrange training courses, workshops, other events and consulation sessions in collaboration with Innokas Network trainers and other experts and collaboration partners.

Innokas Network trainings are activity-based and practical. The trainings support the teaching and learning of 21st century skills as well as the deployment of the Finnish 2016 National Core Curriculum.

Training topics

Innokas Network arranges trainings on five Innovative School themes.

Innokas Network trainings are based on the Innovative School model developed in collaboration between Finnish schools and the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki. In the model teachers and students are seen as Innovators who make diverse use of technology in the learning and teaching of 21st century competence.

A good place to start is the Innovative School theme that provides an introduction to the principles of holistic school improvement. The other themes: Learning and Learning Environments, Teachership, Leadership and Partnership Networks delve more deeply into each area of the Innovative School model.

Customized training

We can mix and match the trainings to create a customized learning solution. An example of such solution is the “Interested in Coding and Robotics?” jumpstart training that provides an introduction to the Learning and Learning Environments theme while enabling teachers to start quickly with coding and robotics teaching in their school.

Contact us, let’s work together to design a training or set of trainings for your needs!

In-service training

Innokas Network offers in-service training related to ongoing research and development projects across various parts of Finland. See the details of the autumn 2023 trainings here: Scratch, Micro:bit, Lego robotics and AI – upgrade your digital ways of working

The DigiErko specialization program

Innokas Network specialists are closely involved in the Learning and teaching in digital environments (DigiErko) -specialization program which provides an excellent pathway for developing one’s work and the work community in the context of digital environments. The specialization training is a long-term (60 ECTS) form of education that renews and complements traditional continuing education, offering expertise that promotes professional development and specialization for teachers already in the workforce. Learn more about DigiErko here.


The Innovative School

In these trainings you will get an engaging and practical introduction to school development and the management of expertise through the use of technology.

We approach the subject from the viewpoint of creativity and innovation by reflecting on the current and future roles of the learner and the school.

In these trainings, we view school development holistically, taking into account the teaching of 21st century competence, support for teachership, shared leadership principles and the building of collaboration networks. We place special emphasis on encouraging students, teachers and partners to take on a role in the planning and execution of school activity.

Learning and Learning Environments

Could you become an inventor? Can Robot Ruttunen visit your school? In these trainings we follow the principle of “get excited and innovate”: the trainings offer practical guidance on the teaching of 21st century skills, on applying Innovation Education and participatory working methods, and on the versatile use of technology.

The trainings guide you on the practical use of mobile devices, cloud services, coding, robotics and gamification. After the training participants understand technology, can use it effectively, and apply it in learning and innovation.


These trainings prepare and encourage you to share your knowledge, work effectively in teams and to learn from your peers, all in the context of team teaching. You will get familiar with both practical and theoretical aspects of team teaching. The trainings help you in developing your own team while taking into account your team’s unique characteristics.

After the training participants can use the competence and resources of their team’s adult members effectively to guide and support students in achieving curriculum objectives. In addition, participants get to know how they can make use of technology to support a teacher’s work.


These trainings will guide you towards shared leadership practices and get you excited about them!

The trainings introduce shared leadership concepts such as teamwork, team teaching, pedagogical cafe’s and headmaster teams in theory and practice.

The trainings guide school leadership to assume a positive and encouraging attitude towards developing school operations. In addition, the trainings cover self-assessment based quality assurance methods and the application of technology to support leadership.

During the trainings participants develop their own unit’s shared leadership practice and the use of technology in their own unit.

Partnership Networks

The Partnership Network trainings encourage you to engage in collaboration between home and school, with local community organizations, and with universities and companies. You’ll also get to know the benefits of participating in national and international collaboration networks.

The trainings focus on the use of technology as an enabler for regular and positive interaction. In the trainings participants get to know how they can use technology in building partnership networks that work in their individual setting.

After the trainings participants are well prepared to start a rich collaboration beyond their school borders that supports the learning of 21st century competence.


Innokas Network trainings and events are facilitated by Innokas Network trainers and collaboration partners. Our trainers are practicing teachers or experts from various parts of Finland.

  • Annina Ala-Ranta

  • Tampere
  • Asta Ansolahti

  • Helsinki
  • Kyösti Blinnikka

  • Espoo
  • Janne Fagerlund

  • Jyväskylä
  • Erkki Hautala

  • Espoo
  • Arto Hietapelto

  • Oulu
  • Joose Hossi

  • Espoo
  • Marianne Ilola

  • Tampere
  • Leenu Juurola

  • Helsinki
  • Anu Kahri

  • Espoo
  • Ulla-Maija Kalliokoski

  • Espoo
  • Jouni Karsikas

  • Oulu
  • Tiina Kauvosaari

  • Oulu
  • Juho Kemell

  • Helsinki
  • Pekka Kiiskinen

  • Kontiolahti
  • Juha Kokkonen

  • Tampere
  • Tiina Korhonen

  • Helsinki
  • Jaakko Korpela

  • Oulu
  • Minna Kukkonen

  • Espoo
  • Juho Laitinen

  • Kuopio
  • Oili Lehtonen

  • Lojo
  • Jukka Lehtoranta

  • Lappeenranta
  • Sinikka Leivonen

  • Kuopio
  • Jens Lindholm

  • Larsmo
  • Emilia Mattila

  • Helsinki
  • Niina Niemi

  • Helsinki
  • Jussi Näykki

  • Oulu
  • Markus Packalen

  • Oulu
  • Lauri Parkkonen

  • Joensuu
  • Piia Pelander

  • Espoo
  • Timo Pietiläinen

  • Lohja
  • Petja Pyykkönen

  • Lappeenranta
  • Ilkka Saarikivi

  • Vantaa
  • Laura Salo

  • Helsinki
  • Mia Skog

  • Raseborg
  • Tero Toivanen

  • Espoo
  • Essi Vuopala

  • Oulu